UMA Signature Cut

Consult, tailored cut, blade to the neck & edges, hot towel finish.
$ 49 35 minutes

UMA Re-Style

Haven't had a cut in over 6 weeks? For long-to-short cuts and those who need drastic change. Consult, tailored cut, blade to the neck & edges, hot towel finish.
$ 59 45 minutes

Intermediate Barber Signature Cut

UMA signature cut, with a wash and style performed by a Second-Year Apprentice under the direction of a Senior Barber. Please allow up to 1 hour.
$ 35 45 minutes

Buzz Cut

One clipper size, tapered, blade to the neck & edges, hot towel finish.
$ 28 15 minutes

Head Shave

Full head shave: hot towel start, pre shave balm, lather, feather blade to the head, post shave balm, cold towel finish.
$ 48 30 minutes

Little Rascal Cut

A fade or pompadour for the young one perhaps? Style cut for kids under 12 years.
$ 38 25 minutes

Hair Wash

With the use of premium products, we shampoo twice & condition once.
$ 10 8 minutes

Triumph & Disaster Facial Experience for Men

A six-stage Triumph & Disaster inspired facial for men: featuring a Tamanu oil facewash, a witch hazel toning lotion, an orange oil facial steam, a volcanic ash scrub and a Horopito oil moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling toned, smooth and fresh.
$ 42 30 minutes

Colour Camo

Seeing a little more salt than pepper? Add a Redken Brews men's colour camo service to you cut. No fuss, no foil, 5-minute gray blending service.
$ 38 15 minutes

Beard Shaping

Neaten up your beard: Blade to the neck & edges, hot towel finish.
$ 28 20 minutes

Beard Restyle

Haven't had a shape in over a month? Clipper/scissor work tailored to your liking, blade to the neck & edges, hot towel finish.
$ 35 25 minutes

Smooth Operator

Classic cut throat shave: Face wash, hot towel and face steamer start, pre-shave balm, lather, blade work, post-shave balm, cold towel finish, aftershave.
$ 48 30 minutes


Nose, ears and brow maintenance.
$ 24 15 minutes

UMA's Runner Up Pack

A signature cut, hair wash, express facial & beard shape.
$ 90 65 minutes

UMA's The Ugliest Man Pack

A Signature cut, hair wash, express facial & smooth operator.
$ 110 120 minutes

Grooms Packages

Contact us to discuss our tailored packages for the discerning groom and his groomsmen.